Dear students,

I’ve created a blog for you, so you can post freely. You have to modify the blog to suit your needs and wishes. I have created some Pages as examples, but you can change that.

As you probably read on the Writing page on our course blog, one of your projects this year is a Course Newsletter where you can publish articles, anecdotes, reviews, all kinds of things you like. So post away, and then we can select the pieces for an end-of-course paper edition.

Here you can also organize teamwork too. Whatever!

Remember to decide on the Categories and Tags you will give your posts. Discuss that in English in your whatsapp group. The fewer the better!

I have connected this blog to my account on Facebook for the C1 Resource Pack, which means your posts will be published there, too, and the 300+ people following the Page will be able to read them. So remember this for all kinds of reasons.

I’ll drop by and give you feedback on your English, but you can also help each other with that.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! It’s making me feel better at a gigantic speed!


Big hug to all!


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